E-Mantra - Prelude

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Today 2020-10-03 Dense starts his new radio show "PRE-GLOW".
Upflifting chillbeats, progressive psybient and more - 2 hours pure exclusive DJmixes.
Now every Saturday 9-11 p.m. Berlin time at Hirschmilch Radio. 


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E-Mantra E-Mantra
Kuba Kuba
Green Pepper Walls
Laserworld Laserworld
Singing Tears (I Need You Love Mix)
Kukan Dub Lagan Kukan Dub Lagan
A Reflection Of A Kung Fu Man
Tosca Tosca
Ocean Beat
Chronos Chronos
Red Planet (Unusual Cosmic Process Remix)
Erik De Koning Erik De Koning
Dream Flight (Chillout Mix)
Deep In Mind Deep In Mind
Bicycle Day
Flooting Grooves Flooting Grooves
Towards The Light (Original Mix)
Dreaming Cooper Dreaming Cooper
Cosmic Serenity

Top Ten Tracks

In'R'Voice In'R'Voice
What Is All This For
In'R'Voice In'R'Voice
Tribal State Of Mind
Germind Germind
The Last Day Of The World
Germind Germind
Saving Nature
Eguana Eguana
Aliens Pyramid
E-Mantra E-Mantra
Your Journey Begins Now
E-Mantra E-Mantra
Returning Home
E-Mantra E-Mantra
Farewell Philae
Dimmat Dimmat
Desert Dwellers Desert Dwellers
To Be the Air (Globular's Viscous Ether Remix)