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don't miss tomorrow! 
Best of 2021 - 9 hours (plus x) of Denses radio show 'Chill On!'
Tune in 2 pm Berlin time at Hirschmilch Radio Chillout channel and enjoy our New Year's Eve special. 
All the best to you for 2022! 


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Poisson Volant
Blugazer & Catherine pres Blue Symmetry Blugazer & Catherine pres Blue Symmetry
Destination (My Little Light) (Original Mix)
Kyoto Kyoto
Sunrise (Original Mix)
Taruna Taruna
Magic Earth Garden
Tengri Tengri
Asura Asura
Lonely Star
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
Aquatic Sunrise
Solar Quest Solar Quest
Martin Nonstatic Martin Nonstatic
Sea Surfaces
York & Mike Oldfield York & Mike Oldfield
Islanders (Chill Out Mix)

Top Ten Tracks

Zero Cult Zero Cult
Lost In The Clouds
Eguana Eguana
To Be Free
E-Mantra E-Mantra
Moon Walker (Reasonandu Remix)
Dense Dense
Reflux Compressor
Dense Dense
Everlasting Flash In The Pan
Astral Waves Astral Waves
Momenta 2.0
Unusual Cosmic Process Unusual Cosmic Process
Zero Cult Zero Cult
500 Seconds
Germind Germind
Discovery Of The Uknown
Eguana Eguana
Happy Smoke