Germind - Wandering Intellect

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'Chill On!' cause it's Sunday 2 pm Berlin time at Hirschmilch Radio introducing the great new album by Shivanam plus new seeds from Cosmicleaf Records and the pre-premiere of "Restless Freqs Syndrome" by host Dense with Side Liner. Stay chilled!

Every sunday 2 p.m. CEST at hirschmilch chillout


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Germind Germind
Wandering Intellect
Suburban Crew Suburban Crew
Saafi Brothers Saafi Brothers
Hippies In Trance (Erot Remix)
Zero Cult Zero Cult
Hypnotic Zoom
Cabeiri Cabeiri
Desert Dwellers Desert Dwellers
Saraswati's Twerkaba (Nanosphere Remix)
Ulrich Schnauss Ulrich Schnauss
Stars (Kunstlerpaar Dub)
Nibana Nibana
When Comes the Pain
Pranay Ryan Pranay Ryan
Suze (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
Logarithmic Spirall Logarithmic Spirall

Top Ten Tracks

Germind Germind
Our Atmosphere
Cayo Largo Cayo Largo
The Beauty Of Life
Eguana Eguana
Music Of Humility
Koan Koan
Odysseus Under the Old Tree (J
Jaia Jaia
December (Magnetik Remix)
Entheogenic Entheogenic
A Language Older than Words
Zymosis Zymosis
Ascendant Ascendant
Sundial Aeon Sundial Aeon
Subnautical Geoglyphs (Original Mix)
Sundial Aeon Sundial Aeon
Desolate Metropolis (Original Mix)