Dense (chillgressive tunes) - Chill On! 2019-10-20

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'Chill On!' cause it's Sunday 2 pm Berlin time at Hirschmilch Radio introducing the great new album by Shivanam plus new seeds from Cosmicleaf Records and the pre-premiere of "Restless Freqs Syndrome" by host Dense with Side Liner. Stay chilled!

Every sunday 2 p.m. CEST at hirschmilch chillout


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Last Ten Tracks

Sunlounger Sunlounger
White Sand (Chill Out Mix)
Dense Dense
Suduaya Suduaya
Sparkling Universe
Ladale Ladale
Buddha's Dream (Original Mix)
Biotones Biotones
The Day Will Come
Martin Fietz Martin Fietz
Days Like This (Original Mix)
Eguana Eguana
Cleavage Of Matter
E-Mantra E-Mantra
Morning Poem
Dave Shtorn Dave Shtorn
Liquid Reality (Original Mix)
Max Million Max Million
The Rout Of Ellipsis

Top Ten Tracks

Germind Germind
Our Atmosphere
Eguana Eguana
Foggy Morning (Alternative Version)
Zero Cult Zero Cult
Moonlight Run (Dynamic Illusion Remix)
Cayo Largo Cayo Largo
The Beauty Of Life
Eguana Eguana
Music Of Humility
Koan Koan
Odysseus Under the Old Tree (J
Koan Koan
Brasil (Find Me Mix)
Jaia Jaia
December (Magnetik Remix)
Entheogenic Entheogenic
A Language Older than Words
Zymosis Zymosis