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this Sunday: episode 500 of Denses weekly 'Chill On!' transmission.
Enjoy 3 hours of hand selected modern psybient at Hirschmilch Radio from 2-5 pm Berlin time.

Every sunday 2 p.m. CET at Hirschmilch Radio


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Last Ten Tracks

Sygnals Sygnals
Through Silence
Airform Airform
Mechanical Forest (Spherical Mix)
Dreamstalker Dreamstalker
Second Trip to Kair
Aes Dana Aes Dana
Aftermath 03
AuroraX AuroraX
To Outer Space
Expedizion & Sixis Expedizion & Sixis
Awakening World (Ecometric Redrift)
Sunstar Sunstar
Balearic Desire (Ambient Chill Out Mix)
Koan Koan
Tristan & Isolde (Eddur Mix)
Master Margherita & The Positronics Master Margherita & The Positronics
Scrumptious (Shorcake Mix)

Top Ten Tracks

Germind Germind
Our Atmosphere
Eguana Eguana
Foggy Morning (Alternative Version)
Zero Cult Zero Cult
Moonlight Run (Dynamic Illusion Remix)
John Spanos John Spanos
Cayo Largo Cayo Largo
The Beauty Of Life
Eguana Eguana
Music Of Humility
Koan Koan
Odysseus Under the Old Tree (J
Koan Koan
Brasil (Find Me Mix)
Jaia Jaia
December (Magnetik Remix)
Entheogenic Entheogenic
A Language Older than Words