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Surprise surprise. Today we broadcast an exclusive mix from our buddy Mikadho, recorded some days ago. Enjoy! 8 p.m. CEST psytrance channel


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Makida Makida
Musical Sphere
Double Click & Rocky Double Click & Rocky
Rush Hour
Inverted Inverted
In Between
Wrecked Machines Wrecked Machines
Bandbox (Symbolic & Waio Remix)
One Function One Function
Imagine Yourself (Noize Method Remix)
Laughing Buddha, Avalon Laughing Buddha, Avalon
Wake & Bake (Original Mix)
Intelligence & Spectra Sonics Intelligence & Spectra Sonics
Grfx Bug
Flowjob Flowjob
Fly Me To The Noon (Agent Kritsek Remix)
Micky Noise Micky Noise
Eeon Eeon

Top Ten Tracks

Cosmic Tone Cosmic Tone
Intergalactic (Original Mix)
Ananda Shake Ananda Shake
Slowly Funny (Part 2)
X-Dream X-Dream
Mashup (GMS Remix)
One Function One Function
Ajna (Original Mix)
Faders Faders
Perfect Creation
Sonic Species Sonic Species
Just Another Freak (Vertical Mode Remix)
Daniel Lesden Daniel Lesden
Existence (Original)
Tristate Tristate
Source Code
Ticon Ticon
ShivaTree ShivaTree
One Dose Of Future