Vertical Mode - Magnetic Creatures

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Surprise surprise. Today we broadcast an exclusive mix from our buddy Mikadho, recorded some days ago. Enjoy! 8 p.m. CEST psytrance channel


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Vertical Mode Vertical Mode
Magnetic Creatures
Tropical Bleyage Tropical Bleyage
Static Insane Static Insane
Break The Seal
Delirious Noon Delirious Noon
Baraka (Feat. Whoop)
Bizzare Contact Bizzare Contact
Plastic Fantastic (Punchline Remix)
Ibojima Ibojima
Quantica Quantica
Quantic Motion (Live Version)
Psycoholic Psycoholic
Seventh Universe
The Commercial Hippies The Commercial Hippies
Live (Ital Remix)
Cosmic Tone Cosmic Tone
Rhythm Is The Power

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Faders Faders
Perfect Creation
Tristate Tristate
Source Code
Ticon Ticon
ShivaTree ShivaTree
One Dose Of Future
Man With No Name Man With No Name
Teleport (Loud Remix)
Tristan Tristan
Deep Mind (Magik Remix)
Sonic Sense Sonic Sense
Shanko Shanko
Deep Space Traveler
Ritmo Ritmo
At the Beginning (Azax Remix)
Moon Tripper Moon Tripper
Infinite Space