Static Movement vs Sonic Sense - It's Like A Dream

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Surprise surprise. Today we broadcast an exclusive mix from our buddy Mikadho, recorded some days ago. Enjoy! 8 p.m. CEST psytrance channel


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Static Movement vs Sonic Sense Static Movement vs Sonic Sense
It's Like A Dream
Ephedrix Ephedrix
Circle Of Life
Magoon Magoon
Love Revolution
Tantrix Tantrix
Plastic Vibe Plastic Vibe
Cyber Motion Cyber Motion
Suntree Suntree
The Future
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Mateluna (Atomic Pulse Remix)
X-Trix & Perplex & Mairo Such X-Trix & Perplex & Mairo Such
Feel Music
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Wired (Art Of Existence Remix)

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One Dose Of Future
Man With No Name Man With No Name
Teleport (Loud Remix)
Sonic Sense Sonic Sense
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Deep Space Traveler
Ritmo Ritmo
At the Beginning (Azax Remix)
Moon Tripper Moon Tripper
Infinite Space
Lunatica Lunatica
Quantum Adventures
Avalon & Burn in Noise Avalon & Burn in Noise
Double Trouble
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Uniqe Form
Spinal Fusion vs Mystic Spinal Fusion vs Mystic
A Better One