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One of the rising stars of the last years is Hector Stuardo and his Ovnimoon imprint. With a constantly high output through many psychedelic trance genres and some very nice chill releases its time to show you the sound & artists of this label.

2000 CEST. Psytrance channel.


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Last Ten Tracks

Astralex & Mahani Astralex & Mahani
Elegy - I Elegy - I
Motion (Original Mix)
Altruism Altruism
Fat Beat (Circuit Breakers Remix)
Molok Molok
Appetite for the Night (Original Mix)
Neuromotor vs Electrocult Neuromotor vs Electrocult
Acid Resurrection
Ascent vs Shogan Ascent vs Shogan
Shamanic Life
PTX vs Black & White PTX vs Black & White
Atomic Pulse Atomic Pulse
Mateluna (Atomic Pulse Remix)
Vibe Tribe & Spade Vibe Tribe & Spade
Blast From The Past
Duotekk Duotekk
The Fun Begins

Top Ten Tracks

Solar Waves Solar Waves
The World Of The Dream
E-Clip E-Clip
Analog Sync Analog Sync
Sensitive (Original Mix)
Sunday Light Sunday Light
Sancho Pancho Sancho Pancho
Medical Problems
Pulsar & Thaihanu, Spinney Lainey Pulsar & Thaihanu, Spinney Lainey
The Alien Returns
Pulsar & Thaihanu vs Liquid Sound Pulsar & Thaihanu vs Liquid Sound
Uplifting Minds
Psycho Abstract Psycho Abstract
Son of the Groove
Ocean Star Empire Ocean Star Empire
Woven Drops
Ocean Star Empire Ocean Star Empire
How Small We Are