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One of the rising stars of the last years is Hector Stuardo and his Ovnimoon imprint. With a constantly high output through many psychedelic trance genres and some very nice chill releases its time to show you the sound & artists of this label.

2000 CEST. Psytrance channel.


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Last Ten Tracks

Spiritcat Spiritcat
Roboteknic Roboteknic
Psyren Song (Original Mix)
Atomic Pulse Atomic Pulse
New World Order III
Pulsar & Thaihanu, Spinney Lainey Pulsar & Thaihanu, Spinney Lainey
The Alien Returns
Species Species
Relativ Relativ
Shadow Walker
Ital Ital
Tribal Dance
System E System E
The Final Judgement
Electric Universe Electric Universe
The Prayer (Outsiders Remix)
Fatali Fatali
Flip (Mode Modular Remix)

Top Ten Tracks

Mobi-Force Mobi-Force
Solid (Original Mix)
ZeoLogic ZeoLogic
New Age
Rinkadink Rinkadink
Code H (Original Mix)
Solar Waves Solar Waves
The World Of The Dream
Solar Waves Solar Waves
Law Of Gravity
Side Effects & Lyctum Side Effects & Lyctum
Relativ Relativ
Rise Of The Garuda
Nerso Nerso
Illegal Substances Illegal Substances
Ellez Ria Ellez Ria
Overdrive (Original Mix)