Hyper Noise - Shaman

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One of the rising stars of the last years is Hector Stuardo and his Ovnimoon imprint. With a constantly high output through many psychedelic trance genres and some very nice chill releases its time to show you the sound & artists of this label.

2000 CEST. Psytrance channel.


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Last Ten Tracks

Hyper Noise Hyper Noise
Champa Champa
What Makes You Itch
Another World Another World
Samurai (Original Mix)
Spirit Architect Spirit Architect
Reshaping Reality
Manju Manju
The Young Chemist
Kox Box Kox Box
Stratosphere (GMS Remix)
Christopher Lawrence Christopher Lawrence
The Dark
Sonic Entity Sonic Entity
Human Engineers
Electric Universe Electric Universe
The Prayer (Outsiders Remix)
Midi Junkies Midi Junkies
Galaktik Surfing (Original Mix)

Top Ten Tracks

X-NoiZe & Volcano X-NoiZe & Volcano
Outsiders vs Kali Outsiders vs Kali
Time Machine
One Function vs Atom Device One Function vs Atom Device
Mindwave Mindwave
Lost Shaman Lost Shaman
Universal Harmony
Future Prophecy Future Prophecy
They Give Us Rock
Frenetic Frenetic
Are U Nuts
Electric Universe Electric Universe
The Prayer (Outsiders Remix)
Coral Coral
Block Device Block Device
Million Times