Genetrick - Voyage To The Moon (Black Mesa Remix)

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One of the rising stars of the last years is Hector Stuardo and his Ovnimoon imprint. With a constantly high output through many psychedelic trance genres and some very nice chill releases its time to show you the sound & artists of this label.

2000 CEST. Psytrance channel.


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Last Ten Tracks

Genetrick Genetrick
Voyage To The Moon (Black Mesa Remix)
Kontrast Kontrast
Hook It
Abomination vs Painkiller Abomination vs Painkiller
Distorting Substance (Twisted Reaction Remix)
Psilocybe Project Psilocybe Project
Once Again
Mindfold Mindfold
Solar System Solar System
Sophisticated Mind (Original Mix)
Injection Injection
Back To India
Telepatic & Joshlive Telepatic & Joshlive
Mindwave Mindwave
Zen Mechanics Zen Mechanics
Ground Control (Ectima Remix)

Top Ten Tracks

Plasmotek Plasmotek
Telemetron (Original Mix)
Lost Shaman Lost Shaman
Universal Harmony
Koxbox Koxbox
Inside Outside
Frenetic Frenetic
Alien Talk
Mobi-Force Mobi-Force
Solid (Original Mix)
ZeoLogic ZeoLogic
New Age
Spiritcat Spiritcat
Rinkadink Rinkadink
Code H (Original Mix)
Solar Waves Solar Waves
The World Of The Dream
Solar Waves Solar Waves
Law Of Gravity