Ace Ventura - Presence (Roy Shemesh Remix)

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It's time for the first progressive pleasures of 2015. Today Soultickler will play a set at 2000 CEST @ our progressive channel.

About Soultickler


DJ Soultickler also sometimes referred to as Junes, born in 1976 in Hamburg, came into contact with his first electronic music in 2002. He was really fascinated instantly by the electronic sounds and began to DJ soon after. In 2005 he began playing at various small and cozy festivals, clubs and private parties in northern Germany. While his passion for the music grew steadily, he started to experiment more and more with his own tracks. In 2009 his first own productions reached the light of day.

You can find soultickler in the usaual places around the internet. Say hello at facebook or soundcloud for example.


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