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Tonight it's time for our next progressive pleasures. This month it's a home game because after one year of absence mitschi himself will present you some of his current favorites.

About Mitschi

You should already know him as he is one of the guys behind hirschmilch radio. Drop by on soundcloud or facebook if you don't know him yet ;)

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Last Ten Tracks

Echotek Echotek
Faeorin Faeorin
Spirit Walker
Flowjob Flowjob
Aerospace Aerospace
Connection Error
Ritmo Ritmo
Artificial Sound
Nok Nok
Green Sector (Neelix Remix)
Osher Vs. Sven Snug Osher Vs. Sven Snug
Snyper Snyper
Funky Dragon Funky Dragon
Modern Emotions
Suduaya Suduaya
Children Of The Moon

Top Ten Tracks

Pop Art Pop Art
Motion Drive & Vertex Motion Drive & Vertex
Jochem Peterson, Tom Hill Jochem Peterson, Tom Hill
Wild Silence (Neelix Remix)
Ritmo Ritmo
Follow Me (Perfect Stranger Remix)
Juiced Juiced
Follow Me
Ace Ventura Ace Ventura
Connected (Yotopia Remix)
Phaxe & Morten Granau Phaxe & Morten Granau
Long Story Short (Yotopia Remix)
Liquid Soul Liquid Soul
Liquid & Source Liquid & Source
Sonic Nature
Elsewhere Elsewhere