Some of you might have seen that Frankie Knuckles, the so called godfather of house music passed away some weeks ago.

He was a truly master of deep and vocal house, the resident dj of the famous chicago club warehouse, where house got its name from and in addition to his own few tracks he did a uncountable numbers of remixes for many many artists in the last 25 years.

Today we give you a first overwiew of his work. Oldschool vocal house alert. Enjoy & tune in. Electronic Channel. 2000 CEST. 


Frankie Knuckles


Taff - Planetarium (Taff Remix)


Yo Montero - Pixel (Original Mix)


NarkBeat - Resistance To Follow Destination


Paste - Down On The Streets (Symphonix Remix)


Armaz - Tasted The Fruit